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Let's Hear From Our Peeps...
"Engaging fast moving, very funny"
    - Chelsea, 25 years old, Los Angeles

"Very loud, fast and clever"
    - Morgan, 19 years old, New York

"A fun hip approach to Shakespeare"
    - Clayton, 32 years old, San Fransisco

"Worth every penny"
    - William, 35 years old, Chicago

"One of the best plays I've seen in a while"
    - Beverly, 53 years old, St. Louis

"Very funny and creative!"
    - Sarah, 24 years old, Westchester

"Awesome, upbeat, cool and hip. Very entertaining and modern to teenagers"
    - Ayesha, 27 years old, Brooklyn

"Appeals to all ages. Fun, fun, fun"
    - Richard, 42 years old, Chicago

"It's Hip-Hop comedy with a touch of class"
    - Toby, 31 years old, New Haven

"It's unique, fun and like nothing you've ever seen!"
    - Victor, 17 years old, Evanston

"Swingin! It's a remarkably seamless fusion of the first rapper (Shakespeare) and the rap of today"
    - Nigel, 33 years old, London

"Perfect for teens and adults, almost anyone really! Highlight of my theatre experiences"
    - Mario, 41 years old, Naperville
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